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Why Genius Poker Planning?

A paltform for powerfull and seamless scrum experience. With it's Artificial Intelligence Bot acting as a decision helper and contributing as an actual team member, as well as handfull of tools and features at your disposal for a smooth planning and efficiant management of knitting software.

phone imageAI_BOT screenshot
Ai robot icon!Artificial Intelligence Bot
As a neutral member, AI Bot acts as a decision helper. The AI Bot provides estimations for user stories and explains the reasoning behind them, helping teams resolve conflicts and make informed descisions.
phone imageVOTING_HISTORY screenshot
voting icon!Voting History
To ensure transparency and traceability, Genius Poker Planning Keeps a voting history for each user story. Team members can easily access the history and review past votes, facilitating discussions and promoting collaboration.
phone imageCUSTOM_VAL screenshot
settings icon!Custom Estimation Value
For a more flexible in estimating the complexity of tasks, You can enter custom estimation values. A float value 0.5 for a half day for example or an integer value not present in the list of cards.
phone imageJIRA screenshot
servers icon!Import your Jira User Stories
In order to ensure efficiency and productivity, Genius Poker planning allows you to import the list of user stories you want to estimate in GeniusPokerPlanning and take advantage of it's AI Bot.
phone imageACCESS_CONTROL screenshot
shield icon!Advanced Room Access
Only the Admin can Reveal Notes and Start a Game. Furthermore, the Admin can configure the Artificial Intelligence Bot, create or import new user stories as well as select the story being voted.

Brilliant Tool to estimate and prioritize your user story

GeniusPokerPlanning is a versatile tool designed to streamline and enhance Agile poker planning sessions. With its user-friendly interface, it offers an efficient way for teams to estimate and prioritize tasks. This tool empowers Agile teams to collaboratively assess the complexity of user stories, ensuring more accurate and efficient sprint planning.

Whether you are a software development team or any other Agile-focused group, GeniusPokerPlanning simplifies the estimation process, making it an indispensable asset for your Agile workflow.

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Our Pricing Plan

Tailored plans for every team size. From our 15-day Free Trial to Monthly Subscriptions, and discounted options for longer commitments, choose the perfect fit for seamless Scrum Poker Planning.


Any Questions? Answered

Explore our FAQs for quick answers. Find solutions to common queries, ensuring a smooth experience with our app.

What is Genius Poker Planning?

Experience the future of poker planning with our AI-driven tool. Get precise estimates and insightful explanations for your user stories, making planning sessions more efficient and effective. Try it now!

How do I use Genius Poker Planning?

Using Genius Poker Planning is simple and intuitive. Just log in, create a session, invite your team members, and start estimating and prioritizing your user stories.

How many intelligent estimations do i have access to monthly and for what cost ?

Genius Poker Planning optimized to efficiently estimate up to 23300 intelligent estimation which cost is included in your subscription, so you can focus on your projects at ease.

Do you have plans to release new features for Genius Poker Planning?

Yes, we are constantly improving Genius Poker Planning and plan to release regular updates with new features and enhancements.

Where can I find support or assistance with Genius Poker Planning?

You can find helpful resources and contact our support team through the Genius Poker Planning website for any questions or assistance you may need.

Is Genius Poker Planning free to use?

Genius Poker Planning offers both 15 days free trial, in order to experience Genius Poker Planning first hand, and premium versions. You can choose the plan that best suits your needs as well as your team's.

How secure is my data on Genius Poker Planning?

We take data security seriously and use robust encryption and security measures to ensure the safety of your information while using Genius Poker Planning.

Can I customize the estimation scales in Genius Poker Planning?

Yes, you can customize the estimation scales to align with your team’s specific needs and preferences.

Can i use Genius Poker Planning on my mobile?

Yes, Genius Poker Planning interface was developed with delicate care as responsive web application, allowing you to use it on any device you prefer.

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